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Dawn Ostovich - Tuesday, May 23, 2023

With temperatures in the high 90s this past week, it’s safe to say summer is here! 

Tenants and homeowners alike should begin to prepare their living spaces for the hot and humid months that are ahead of us. By implementing a few simple maintenance tips, you can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable summer in your Osto Property Management home! 

  • Use Window Coverings: During the hottest parts of the day, use curtains, blinds, or shades to block out direct sunlight. This step can significantly reduce heat gain, keeping your home cooler and more comfortable. 
  • Regularly Clean Ceiling Fans and Ventilation: Dust and debris can accumulate on ceiling fans and ventilation grills, hindering their effectiveness. Regularly clean and dust these fixtures to ensure proper airflow and optimal cooling.
  • Maintain Air Conditioning Units: Replace the filters monthly to improve airflow and maximize cooling efficiency. If you notice any issues, promptly notify your property management group for necessary repairs.
  • Use Bathroom Ventilation during Showers: If your fans and vents are turned off, even cold showers will cause mold to grow in corners and raise the humidity level of the house. Damp air will increase the heat. 
  • Keep Doors and Windows Sealed: Inspect the weather-stripping around doors and windows to ensure they are properly sealed. This helps to prevent warm air from infiltrating your living space and keeps the cool air inside.
  • Report Maintenance Issues Promptly: Most importantly, if you notice any maintenance issues related to cooling systems, such as inadequate cooling or unusual noises, report them to your property management group immediately. This allows up to schedule timely repairs and ensure a comfortable living environment throughout the summer.

Remember to stay hydrated, report any maintenance issues promptly, and enjoy a refreshing and pleasant summer in your home!